ACL Reconstruction Surgery Can Help to Relieve Pain and Restore Function After Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament is a small band of connective tissue that lies deep within the knee. It holds the tibia, a lower bone of the leg, to the knee joint. This ligament can become damaged and cause pain, weakness and ‘giving out’ of the knee. ACL reconstruction is a procedure that replaces the damaged tissue to allow greater strength, flexibility and relief from pain.




When Is Surgery Needed?

Reconstruction is indicated when there is an injury to the knee that causes pain or weakness that impacts the function or stability of the joint. Frequently, a number of tissue injuries within the knee joint are present. Surgery may not be required if the individual is not athletic, but those who engage in sports or have an active lifestyle may need surgery to stabilize the knee joint.


ACL Reconstruction Procedure

The surgical procedure for reconstruction involves removing the damage ACL ligament other injured tissue in the area. The ligament is then replaced with tissue from the patient’s own body, called an autograph, or with tissues from a donor, called an allograph. Screws or other devices are used to hold the new ligament to the bone. The surgical site is then sutured together and covered with a bandage.


acl surgery


Rehabilitation After Surgery

The ACL reconstruction protocol includes physical therapy to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee and to improve flexibility. Surgery involving donor tissues generally takes a longer period of time than tissue from the patient’s own body. Supervised physical therapy is indicated for 3 to 9 months. The length of rehabilitation depends on other structures that may have been repaired at the same time as the ACL reconstruction. Therapy generally includes:


· Protecting the graft area

· Reducing inflammation

· Minimizing the negative effects of immobilization

· Educating the patient on the care of the reconstruction during healing

· Achieving flexion in the knee to 90 degrees

· If available, the use of a pool to help normalize gait mechanics


ACL Rehabilitation


Recovering From ACL Reconstruction Surgery

ACL reconstruction recovery time may take up to a full year. Recovery progresses through a number of stages:


· One to two weeks of wound healing, during which pain, stiffness and swelling may be present

· Week 3 to 24, during which rehabilitation is done to increase function for normal activities

· After six months, many patients return to their athletic activities, but others may require a longer period to feel confident about the knee’s strength.


ACL injuries are a common problem in individuals who are physically active and can seriously impact function and performance. Reconstruction surgery can restore both strength and stability to the injured knee.

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Three Tips To Naturally Prevent Hair Loss

causes_of_hair_loss_1If you have experienced hair loss, or you are concerned about losing your hair in the future, there is hope. While it is true that there is a myriad of dangerous drugs and controversial procedures on the market, there is also a variety of natural ingredients that can be found in any grocery store that can also be very useful in the prevention and treatment of thinning hair. If you are wondering how to make hair thicker, here are a few methods to naturally accomplish the task that are proven and inexpensive:
1. Improve Your Diet 
The simplest way to prevent hair loss naturally is to improve your diet. Your food intake has a strong influence on your health. Certain foods can regulate fluctuating hormones, provide a variety of nutrients and vitamins and keep illnesses under control.

The top foods that are recommended for hair growth and thickening are nuts, green peas, spinach, eggs, green tea and sweet potatoes. These foods contain one or more of the required vitamins and minerals needed to grow healthy locks and replace any lost hair. For example, green tea contains a certain polyphenol called epigallocatechin-3-gallate that can modulate the actions and production of male hormones in each gender. These hormones, or androgens, as they are called, are a leading culprit of excessive hair loss.

Assortment of vitamin pills
2. Take Vitamin Supplements 
Ideally, you should receive adequate servings of each growth-stimulating vitamin and mineral from the super foods that we listed above. However, if are among the vitamin-deficient population, you may require vitamin supplements to replace those hair vitamins that you are not receiving through your daily food intake.

The most important vitamin to supplement in your diet is protein. Hair is made of more than 90% protein, so a diet that is lacking in protein is bound to cause hair to thin out. Then there is Vitamin A, which promotes the growth of healthy cells, Vitamin D, which regulates genes that promote normal follicle growth and Beta-carotene, which contains staggering anti-oxidant properties. These are three of most crucial vitamins used in the creation of new strands of hair. However, don’t forget the entire B-complex of vitamins, including B6, B12, B9, B5 and B3, which all work together to keep hair strong. As a matter of fact, B7, or Biotin, can thicken each hair strand, prevent the loss of hair and encourage new hair growth.

Minerals, such as copper, zinc and iron, in trace amounts, not only prevent hair from thinning out, but they can also intensify hair color and keep your tresses from prematurely turning gray. Iron also carries oxygen to each follicle.
3. Apply Natural Oils Topically 
The use of olive, almond, lavender and castor oil for hair is nothing new. Olive oil is rich in anti-oxidants and penetrates your hair shaft to control hair-narrowing hormones. Almond oil is chock full of Vitamins D and E, as well as calcium and magnesium, and lavender and castor oil contain anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. These unique oils are known to be beneficial in the prevention dandruff and folliculitus. The ricinoleic acid in castor oil also balances your scalp’s pH which enables it to replenish its natural oils.

Hair thinning and loss affects millions of people across the globe. As a matter of fact, half of the world’s population has experienced some type of hair loss by the age of 50. If you have been shedding more than the average 50 – 100 hairs per day, try following the natural tips above before considering other procedures or medications. These ideas are known to work and they will save you money over commercial treatments.

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First Time Botox: Advice by Dr Chen Tai Ho


Feeling apprehensive about having botox injections for the first time is perfectly normal but with a little education and advice from a leader in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Chen Tai Ho should have those nervous feelings at bay in no time.

What Botox is and how it Works 
As its name implies, bo[tox] is in fact a toxin. But not to worry, when applied properly, botox is perfectly safe, we’ll touch more on that in a second. If we can get all techy for just a moment, botox is a product of combining two purified substances, Botulinmum toxin Type A and Type B, which are both derived from toxic bacteria.

How this wonder prescription medicine works to prevent what are referred to as “motion wrinkles” is that it prevents the contraction a particular facial muscle by blocking the signal, sent to them by the nervous system. Doing so softens and sometimes even eliminating the wrinkle altogether.

Start Botox Treatments Sooner than Later 
As with virtually anything related to our health and well-being, the sooner we start taking care of ourselves the easier things get in the long term and such is most certainly the case with the aging process. Wrinkles in particular get deeper with age so it stands to reason if that deepening process was halted sooner wrinkles will never get a chance to become too severe.

It is also important to note that botox, nor any other aesthetic process for that matter, can erase all the effects of time so getting a jump on slowing down the aging process now can prove to be very worthwhile in later years. Cost should be consider too, botox treatment can get quite costly when there are more and larger wrinkled areas that need to be address.

How Long Should You Expect Botox Treatments to Last
The effect botox has on an individual varies widely depending on a large number of factors including but not limited to one’s metabolism, facial muscles, exercise (cardio can reduce the effective time), number of treatments and of course the skill of the person doing the injections. Typically botox injections last from 3 to 6 months depending.

Yes – Botox is Safe 
Of course there is risk anytime you inject something into your body but studies show that for healthy adults, between the ages of 18 and 65, the likelihood of developing a serious reaction from botox treatment is relatively small. Poor health appears to be the largest contributing factor to botox treatment complication and of course knowledge and experience of the person administering the treatment is a major factor as well.

One of the most important pieces of advice Dr. Chen Tai Ho gives to anyone looking into botox treatment for the first time is to not compromise safety and results for a lower cost treatment. Successful treatment is achieved through the use of certified and experience doctors in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, there is absolutely no place for compromise.


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Tips to Finding a Breast Enhancement Bra After Getting Breast Fillers

Breast EnhancementWe all want to look and feel our best, and that’s easier than ever in today’s age. While we are told that we shouldn’t trouble our minds with superficial worries, the truth is that we are judged on our appearance, and those who seek out breast fillers in Singapore are often able to achieve the level of self-esteem and confidence they need to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. If you have considered breast fillers, there is something you’ll need to be prepared for. Finding the right bra after the procedure can prove challenging. By following these tips, you can enjoy confidence in comfort.


Immediately Following the Surgery

You’ll want to be prepared with a special bra to use immediately following your procedure. Your surgeon will offer you a consultation, during which time you’ll be given individualized instructions regarding the type of bra that will best fit your unique circumstances.


breast enhancement consult doctor


However, as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to go with an open front sports bra or knit cotton surgical bra that zips in the front. This reduces the movement necessary to put the bra on and take it off. Another way to decrease discomfort during those sensitive days following surgery is to buy a bra a size too big. Your surgeon may even recommend you don’t wear a bra at all for the first few weeks after the procedure.


Adjusting Properly

adjust bra sizeHaving breast fillers in Singapore is a big adjustment, and it will take some time to get used to going to a larger bra size. Many patients have a tendency to purchase bras that are too small for them, and this causes constriction and a large compromise on overall comfort and posture. The best way to determine that you’ve failed to increase your bra size to properly accommodate for your new breast size is to look for the tell-tale “muffin top”. That is, if your breasts spill over the top of your bra, then you need to adjust to a larger size.

Conversely, it’s also not uncommon for women to overcompensate once they undergo breast augmentation and buy a bra that’s too large. If the cup of your bra is loose against the skin and you can see the nipple when you look down, you need to take more time in determining your correct size.


bra fitting infographic

bra fitting guide


Quality Counts

You’ve made the transition to a larger bra size, and, with this comes an issue you likely haven’t encountered in the past. It can be difficult to find a quality bra when you have larger breasts. Along with the investment you made in your Macrolane breast fillers should also be one in quality bras. It is worth the money to purchase quality bras at a higher price than you may be used to as they will provide the support you need.


bra backKeep the Stretch Factor in Mind

You want to buy a quality bra that will last. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it will inevitably stretch over time. As you shop for a new bra after receiving breast fillers, you should try them on using the loosest clasp to account for this inevitability.


A Comfortable and Confident New You


confident lady


Macrolane breast fillers are becoming a popular choice for women seeking that extra boost in self-confidence. You, too, can reap the benefits so many are now enjoying. Now that you’re aware of the potential problem with finding the right bra to offer adequate comfort and support, you can be well on your way to a comfortable and confident new you.

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How to Know If You Are a Good Candidate for Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is a problem for many people in Singapore. Cellulite can turn an otherwise attractive part of your body into a bumpy landscape that is not as appealing. Cellulite treatments can actually help with this problem. Here are some ways to know if you are a good candidate for cellulite treatments.


What is cellulite?


skin puckeringYour Cellulite Is Causing Skin Puckering

It is important to realise that cellulite is a very clearly defined problem with your body. It is not just being a little puffy or swollen in a particular area. Cellulite is going to cause clear and unattractive puckering or bumps to appear on your skin. You are a good candidate for a treatment in Singapore if you can clearly see that type of puckering. The irregularities on your skin are addressed by the treatment and not necessarily the underlying amount of fat.


You Are In Good General Health

Although cellulite treatments are generally mild and have few complications in Singapore, you do still want to be in good health before undergoing treatment. You want to be healthy and free from chronic diseases. You specifically want to have a strong immune system. If you are in good health, then you are less likely to experience any side effects from the treatment. Delay your cellulite treatment if you are currently sick or undergoing procedures for another medical issue.


You Are Not Significantly Overweight

slimCellulite treatment in Singapore is designed to improve the appearance of your skin so that it looks smoother and tighter. It is not a way to lose weight or reduce fat. You are a good candidate for this type of treatment if you are not significantly overweight. This is important because someone who is significantly overweight might not see any results after the treatment because the subcutaneous fat will cause dimpling or puckering to return quickly. An initial consultation before the treatment should cover this information.


You Have Mostly Clear Skin

Singapore cellulite treatments are really designed for people who have mostly clear skin. You want the skin in the area to be mainly clear and without problems. You might have issues if there is eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions around the area. Treating the cellulite will not improve the other issues. Something like eczema can actually hide the results of the treatment. Ensure that the areas you wanted treated are free from any other conditions that could affect the appearance of your skin.


Home Treatments Have Not Worked

A final sign that you are good candidate for professional cellulite treatment in Singapore is if home treatments have not worked. Some cellulite is very hard to get rid of. Simple home treatments that involve common household products do not often work. If other techniques have failed, then it is time to try a professional cellulite treatment.

Having your cellulite treated by professionals in Singapore can make a real difference in your life. It can improve your appearance and your self-esteem. Do not hesitate to schedule a cellulite treatment today if you feel that you are a good candidate for the procedure.




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How to Use Chemical Peels to Rejuvenate Skin

Everyday skin is faced with a variety of challenges that are caused from environmental factors or just part of the natural aging process. The sun is one of the biggest offenders but there are many other enemies that create havoc on the condition of the skin. Chemical peels are designed to improve skin on the hands, neck, and face. These areas are more susceptible to damage on a daily basis and therefore need the extra care that only a chemical peel will provide. Keeping the skin bright and fresh looking is easy to do by following a few tips before, during, and after a peel.


flawless skin


chemical_peel1. Types of Peels

Choose a chemical peel that is based on the condition of the skin. People with fair skin and light hair are good candidates for a peel. Superficial peels are the mildest and can be used on many different types of skin. Medium peels are made to penetrate using Trichloroacetic Acid as the main agent and can be done in several steps. Deep peels are usually used on the face and penetrate several layers. This method can only be used a few times because of the harshness of the peel.


2. Prepare for the Peel

Prepping the skin is done two or three weeks before the peel. This consists of cleansing twice a day, using sunscreen, and applying a special cream or moisturizer. Retin-A is often recommended before the procedure to speed up the healing process. These steps help develop an even peel while lessening the chance of infection.


What is Retin-A?


3. Pain Relief

Superficial peels are relatively simple because the chemical is left on for only a few minutes. The skin may feel warm during the process and using a handheld fan helps cool the area. The chemicals are left on the skin longer during a medium peel. Pain relievers or oral sedatives are often prescribed to help with any anxiety or discomfort during the procedure. Deep peels are more problematic because of the intense treatment that is performed on the skin. Pain relievers are used and breaks are taken in between treatments. Ointment is often used to help alleviate pain.


skin_moisturizer4. Caring for Skin After Surgery

Properly caring for a peel during the recovery period is very important for success. Keeping it clean and applying ointment as instructed allows the new skin to heal properly. The treated area needs to be kept moisturized, and when the skin peeling stops, sunscreen must be worn as protection from the sun. The sunscreen needs to be labeled as broad spectrum and protect against UVA and UVB rays with a SPF of at least 30.


Chemical peels provide clients with rejuvenated younger looking skin by diminishing fine lines, large pores, scarring, and skin discoloration. Aesthetics can significantly raise the level of self confidence inpeople who have a lower level of esteem based on the condition of their skin. Following directions before and after the procedure ensures that everything will go smoothly and the end results will be amazing.

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4 Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Back Injury and Pain

back pain


Back pain is an extremely common problem that most people will experience at some point during their lives. However, for some people, back pain is a chronic condition caused by spinal injuries. While not all spinal injuries can be easily avoided, like those caused by car or work-related accidents, steps can be taken to avoid them in other areas of your everyday life.


Sit Properly

With office jobs so widespread these days, more people than ever are spending their entire work week sitting in a chair. As the day wears on, prolonged periods of sitting cause your posture suffer, making you more likely to slouch. Over time, this not only weakens the supporting muscles along the spine but also strains the discs between the vertebrae. The discs become inflamed and can eventually change position or rupture, resulting in spine pain. If you find it difficult to maintain good posture when sitting for long periods, investing in an ergonomic chair or back support can help significantly.

sitting posture


Consider Your Mattress

If you struggle with frequent back pain but you can’t identify an obvious cause, you might want to consider whether your mattress could be to blame. Old mattresses sag, creating pressure points that push the spine out of its proper alignment during sleep. This can cause daytime back stiffness and inflame the vertebral discs. Replacing your mattress may resolve the issue as well as giving you a better night’s sleep.


wake up back pain


Use Correct Form When Lifting

If you’re lifting an object from the ground, you must take care to use proper form, particularly if the item is of significant weight. Many people make the mistake of simply bending over at the waist to lift an object. However, attempting to do this with heavy objects is asking for an injury. The lower back is not designed to take the strain, so the spine and surrounding tissues may be strained, torn or otherwise damaged. When lifting, squat down, keep your back straight and push up from your knees, not your hips or back.


Safe lifting

Ditch the Heavy Handbag

large purseLarge purses may be convenient for you, but your back isn’t such a fan of them. Not only are these bags heavy on their own but they also encourage you to overfill them. The weight of the purse itself plus whatever you’re carrying in it shifts more weight to that side of your body, forcing the back muscles and spine to compensate and keep you steady. This makes the muscles along the spine become tight, creating tension and pain. Over time, this muscle tightness could even pull your spine out of alignment. It’s strongly recommended to use a reasonably sized purse whenever possible. If you must carry more or heavier items, consider using a small rolling suitcase to minimise physical strain.

Spine pain is never a pleasant condition to live with. It can resolve on its own with rest and care in many cases, but some instances may necessitate spine treatment. Incorporating some of these tips into your job and lifestyle practices can help you avoid injury and discomfort. See more about spine pain treatment & surgery by

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Surprising Reasons Why Men Should Start Doing Facials


Your face presents your image to the world. Surprisingly, many men spend time at the gym or choosing the right outfit to make an impression, but they neglect their skin. Although many men do not use a professional to help them with skincare, there are many reasons why they should.





Men Less Likely to Use Sunscreen

In 2013, a study revealed that ‘14.3 percent’ of surveyed men indicated that they applied sunscreen compared to ’29.9 percent’ of surveyed women. Thus, men’s skin is more likely than women’s skin to become damaged from sun exposure. The sun can cause skin to become less elastic, so it makes skin wrinkle, sag and bruise more easily than skin that is protected from the sun. Getting a facial for men can help your skin look youthful and attractive.




Reduce Razor Irritation

It is not unusual for men’s skin to become irritated when they shave. When a skin specialist gives a facial for men, the technician will exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and promote smoothness. Smooth skin enhances the ability to shave without experiencing irritated skin. An esthetician can provide tips for at-home exfoliation and suggest tools that will make it easy.




Mood Booster and Stress Relief

Family, work, children and many other aspects of life create stress. When you feel stress, your muscles can tighten and tense. A face wash for men is a soothing treatment that helps men’s facial muscles relax. During a facial, men enjoy time that is solely for themselves. A soothing massage, a mask and heat can help the heaviness of a tense day disappear.




Improves Facial Cleanliness

Facial skin gets dirty, but the dirt may not be visible. Nevertheless, dirt, oil and other impurities can cling to skin and promote acne. Men have bigger pores than women, so their skin is more prone to attract dirt. According to “Is a Man’s Skin Really Different”, by Dr. Diana Howard, men’s skin is rougher than women’s skin, and it produces more steroid hormones. Thus, it can be more problematic for men to eliminate acne. A skin specialist knows how to unblock pores and remove blackheads in a gentle manner.


Getting a face wash for men will help your skin stay clear and clean, and it provides the opportunity to get professional advice about skincare. An esthetician can analyze your skin, determine its condition and help find the best products to eliminate any problems. Caring for your skin may just be a matter of learning a routine that is best for your skin type.

Given men’s habits, which include neglecting to use sunscreen, shaving and dealing with frequent stress, men’s facials can be very beneficial to enhance their skin’s appearance and relieve stress. Additionally, the composition of men’s skin attracts dirt, and a facial gives men the opportunity to receive personalized skin consultation, so they can learn an effective cleansing routine.


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The Critical Reason to Protect Your Skin From The Sun Every Day

images (5)

UV Protection is Essential

Proper UV care is invaluable for so many reasons. First and foremost, it can protect you from the serious dangers of skin cancer. Secondly, it can keep your complexion looking fresh, smooth and young. If you’re unhappy about the idea of developing age spots, sagging, wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration, then you should be on a never-ending mission to find the best sunscreen for face. Good UV care is essential for healthy and attractive skin that looks great and feels great.


The Best Sunscreens Around

The prominent French brand Clarins has a vast selection of quality UV protection products. A couple notable examples include the Sunscreen For Face Wrinkle Control Cream SPF 50+ and the UV Plus Anti-Pollution Multi-Protection SPF 50. As you can see, Clarins produces sunblock products that cover many diverse needs. If you want to ensure youthful and resilient looking skin, the former product may be absolutely perfect for your needs. If you want to protect your skin from pollution and resulting free radical destruction, however, the latter may be the best choice for you. Regardless of the specific functions of sunscreen products, however, their goals are often extremely similar: to protect your face from UVA and UVB ray harm.



Body Sunblock is Important, Too

Although facial sunscreens are important, body sunscreens are nothing to ignore, either. Body sunscreens are just as important for keeping skin healthy and young looking. You should apply sunscreen 365 days of the year no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re visiting the beach for a relaxing day off or simply running around the city taking care of quick errands. A great body sunscreen is Supergoop! Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil Broad Spectrum SPF 50+. Not only does this formula offer A+ skin defense, but it’s also packed in antioxidants that can keep your skin in great condition. It also consists of highly nurturing and moisturising argan oils. If you’re reluctant to apply sunscreen products that have heavy and oily textures, you’ll adore this sunscreen oil. It’s simultaneously non-greasy and lightweight.



Protecting Your Skin With Clothing and Accessories

Strong UV protection isn’t only about sunscreen. It can also involve your attire. If you want to shield your skin from the hazards of the sun, wearing a wide-brimmed hat can often be extremely effective. Many hats even come with built-in UV protection. Wearing long-sleeved clothing and long pants can help. Sunglasses that are equipped with reliable UV protection are also beneficial. When you wear sunglasses, they help prevent you from squinting your eyes while out in the sun. They, in turn, can be effective for keeping wrinkles and fine lines by the eyes out of your life.


A Commitment to UV Protection

UV protection isn’t something you only need to do occasionally. It’s something that should be a way of life. If you neglect wearing sunscreen in the middle of the winter just because you’ve seen hotter and brighter days, you’re doing your complexion a major disservice. Wear sunblock every day no matter what you’re doing. Your skin will thank you.




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The 4 Best All-Natural Anti-Aging Treatments

Step into any cosmetics retailer today and you will be inundated with a wide range of anti-aging products. There are serums, oils, lotions, creams, exfoliating mixtures, herbs, gels, and powders. Some of these products use organic ingredients sourced from exotic plants, while other laboratory-made products tout cutting-edge curative properties. The following anti-aging treatments offer four all-natural ways to stop the hands of time from prematurely aging your skin. Most importantly, all of the anti-aging options listed below are extremely affordable, and will work well no matter what your budget is.

Apply Sesame Oil to Your Skin

Although sesame has long been popular in the kitchen, it has also gained steam in recent months as massage oil. This is because sesame oil is jam packed with plenty of nurturing antioxidants. These antioxidants rid the body of harmful free radicals and other toxins. These toxins and free radicals reduce the skin’s elastin and collagen, two chemicals that keep the skin smooth, soft-to-the-touch, and resilient against sun damage.

For best results, natural skincare experts suggest rubbing sesame oil over your entire body after your morning shower. This ensures that your skin will remain protected all day long. Sesame oil will also nourish your body with much-needed Vitamin E.

Don’t Forget Your Fish Oil Tablets

In Asian countries, fish oil has been used for centuries to keep people healthy and strong. In terms of its anti-aging properties, fish oil will give your skin a healthy sheen. Besides the glow, several scientific studies show that taking fish oil tablets everyday lowers the risk of several age-related diseases and conditions. These include arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and chronic joint pain.

Stay Away from Refined and Processed White Sugar

Regular consumption of processed sugar has been linked to skin problems, wrinkles, stress lines, as well as a whole host of terrible diseases and conditions. Why is eliminating sugar from your diet such an effective anti-aging treatment, you ask? Well, processed sugar contains fructose, an inflammatory chemical that the body turns into fat cells. These excess fat cells promote faster aging, degenerative skin, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Several skincare studies also show that people who have eliminated sugar from their diets look younger for a longer period of time than people who include refined sugar in what they eat.
Seek Out Antioxidant-Rich Food

Like sesame oil, antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E promote collagen growth. Collagen keeps the skin firm, fresh, and wrinkle-free. A study conducted in 2007 suggests that people who ate diets rich in vitamins and other antioxidants had less dry skin and fewer lines and wrinkles than people who did not seek out vitamin-rich food.

People who are interested in using antioxidants to prevent age-related conditions like heart disease will be pleased to know that the anti-aging properties of antioxidants extend to disease fighting, too. More specifically, a number of published medical studies indicate that people who eat fruits and vegetables suffer from fewer old age conditions.

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