Botox and Other Similar Alternative Treatments

Botox is the brand name for a neurotoxic protein used in cosmetic injections. The process is performed at an aesthetic clinic by a trained aesthetic doctor. It is one of the most popular dermal fillers available.
The filler injections create a controlled weakening of the muscles. The substance blocks the nerve impulses, relaxing the contracted muscles. As a result, the appearance of lines and wrinkles are diminished. Botox is the only treatment of its kind approved by the FDA. The treatments take about ten minutes and results are typically visible in two to four days.

People with a desire to fix cosmetic issues of the face are candidates for these treatments. Some people want only subtle changes instead of a dramatic differences in their appearance. Botox offers a variety of other medical uses as well. Doctors have also used the injections to treat writer’s cramp, excessive sweating, migraine headaches, overactive bladder and enlarged prostate.

One of the main benefits of dermal fillers for cosmetic purposes is the fact they are less invasive than a traditional facelift. The results are immediate and there is no need to spend days or weeks bandaged during recovery, as one would be the case with surgical cosmetic procedures. The swelling from the injections is usually gone within a day or two.

The positive results of the injection typically last for four to six months. Some find that over time the appearance of the wrinkles become less severe. Some find these options offer better results than a traditional facelift. Patients in their 30s usually enjoy the best results. Some cosmetic surgery experts recommend a combination of filler and surgical treatment for patients in their 40s and older.

Risks of dermal fillers are minimal. Those using antibiotics or women who are pregnant or nursing are advised to postpone injections. Antibiotics can interfere with the injection and cause an allergic reaction. Minor side effects of injections include droopy eyelids, difficulty swallowing, pain, nausea, muscle weakness, indigestion or heartburn, tooth pain, and hypertension. Serious side effects sometimes occur. Patients should contact their physician immediately should there be any signs of chest pain, dry eyes, speech problems, or double vision.

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Dr. Raj Acquilla of Cheshire Cosmetic demonstrates lifting the lower face using Botox and Juvederm.

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From Nix to Fix: Healing Your Skin with Purity


Frustration. Anxiety. Shame. Anger.

If those words describe the way you feel about your skin, you’re not alone.

We live in a world of toxins and chemicals. From VOCs in our homes to pesticides in our food to car exhaust in the air, these irritants daily attack the naturally beautiful skin we know is hiding down there somewhere! Add those assailants to the inescapable humidity and heat of Singapore, and you’re looking at a hopeless mix of skin care frenzy.

So, the question really isn’t “Why don’t I have good skin?” but rather…

“How do I uncover the great skin I know I have?”

The answer: with purity. And there are only two places we need to look in order to achieve that purity: in nature and Paris, France.

Mother Nature is a lady who knows a thing or two about detoxifying. Take her gardens, for instance: plants and trees remove pollutants from the air while restoring balance to her perfect world.

Parisians are renowned world wide for their effortless beauty. It shows in their art, cuisine and in the way they take care of themselves on the inside AND the outside. They prefer natural beauty over manufactured glam, and quality over quantity any day of the week. Microwave breakfast biscuit and instant coffee on the run to the office? No, thanks! Better to take a neat espresso, a croissant and a quick sit-down stop at the cafe to get your mind, body and spirit in order for the day’s workload.

For Parisians, it’s about being gentle and REAL. No quick, fake fixes for them!


Put Mother Nature and Paris on a team together and you have exactly what your skin needs to heal.

Creme Simon products combine Mother Nature’s balancing act with French simplicity to create secret weapons for your skin. Eczema, psoriasis and acne are the result of environmental toxification. Botanicals derived from plants like jasmine, iris, and vanilla use Mother Nature’s gentle medicine to remove those toxins and restore your skin to its pure and intended beauty. Those botanicals are then blended and tested in Paris, ensuring a clean, thoughtful, and genuinely unique line of skin care products that normal, hardworking, everyday people like us can trust to bring out our real glam.

To get a peek at the magic behind revealing your beautiful skin, visit



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4 Tips to Prevent and Treat Back Pain

Backpain image

There are easy techniques that prevent and treat back pain. If you have a major or minor back problem, consider implementing these procedures.

Get A Good Night Of Sleep

A peaceful night of sleep repairs your strained muscles and relieves inflamed joints. To improve how well you sleep, invest in a good bed and try various sleeping positions. Sleep on your side while on a firm surface to keep your spine positioned properly. If your spine is curved, your back pain will worsen. Also, if you sleep with a pillow between your knees, you will sleep more comfortably.


Gentle Exercise

When back discomfort occurs, resting and waiting until the pain reduces is not the best solution. The back discomfort will worsen and your muscle strength will decrease if you rest. Instead, perform a few gentle stretches to determine what movements cause much pain. Also, try an easy, slow walk around your neighborhood. When your back feels better, slowly pick up the pace. Another smart idea is regular exercise because it stretches and strengthens your muscles, which reduces back pain. However, discuss your exercise plan with your doctor (contact Providence Orthopaedic for Back Pain Treatment) to avoid further injures.


Healthy Weight

Your back discomfort problem will not reduce if you have excess weight that puts pressure on your back muscles. Back pain suffers who took various medicines experienced less pain after they lost weight.


Heat And Cold Products

Hot and cold therapy should be used for certain back discomfort issues. Cold therapy is ideal for inflammation problems because it reduces swelling, and heat reduces muscles spasms and cramps. Usually, moist heat is the best option. If you use dry heat, you should apply it carefully because it can dehydrate your tissues, which will prevent healing. Most stores sell an ice pack for cold therapy treatment and a heating pad for hot therapy treatment.



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Makeup Tips and Tools You Need in Your Beauty Kit


Makeup Tips and Tools You Need in Your Beauty Kit

Get updated on some of the hottest new makeup products and techniques with this fresh, fun makeup tutorial. In today’s tutorial, we’ll be exploring some popular products made available by one of our favorite brands: 3CE cosmetics

For starters, you’ll want to grab some essential tools for applying your makeup. It’s helpful to have all of the following tools and supplies:

  • Brushes, or a brush kit (get one @
  • Makeup sponges
  • Sponge-tipped applicators
  • A hand mirror
  • An eyebrow razor
  • Sharpeners for your lip pencils and eyeliner pencils
  • Makeup remover and towels
  • A variety of different cosmetics to work with: concealer, lip creams, lip crayons, lip pencils, lip glosses, lip colors, blushes, compacts, powders, gels, eyeliner, and mascara
  • You’ll also want to have a cute pouch or organizer to put it all in, so that you can easily find all your cosmetics when you need them.

Once you have the right tools and cosmetics, applying your makeup is easy. At that point, it just takes a little experimenting to get the right colors and the style you want to achieve.

Before you start, be sure to wash your face so you’re starting with clean skin.

If you have pimples, blackheads, blemishes, or places where your skin tone is uneven, don’t let them ruin your look; this is the time to hide them with concealer. Concealer can also help to hide a sunburned nose or forehead.

Next, apply foundation that’s the same color as your skin. Follow up with cheek color, powder, eye liner, eye shadow and mascara.

You can express your style with different lip products. For your everyday face at school, lip gloss is the perfect finishing touch. For those of you who have jobs, more neutral colors are appropriate for wearing to work. After school or work, bright lip colors can give you a fun, playful, or edgy look.

Your hands, feet and nails are an important part of your total look; don’t neglect your manicure or pedicure.

Want to have the cutest nails ever? Experiment with nail studs, nail glitter, decals and different colors of nail lacquer. You can use any of these products by themselves, or combine them for a unique style that’s all your own.

The cosmetics you use can help you define your look, express your style, and highlight your own unique beauty. To get the most out of your beauty products, be sure to choose makeup colors that harmonize with your favorite wardrobe essentials — then take a bit of time each morning to color-coordinate your makeup and your clothes. That way you’ll always look stylish, attractive and well-put-together.

Perfect makeup infographic

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Benefits of Mineral Water

Mineral Water Thumb

Many supermarket customers find cases of mineral water a regular part of their shopping list because they feel that it is much healthier for them and their families. That fact is definitely shared worldwide with over 3,000 brands commercially available.

 What actually is mineral water? Approximately 100 different minerals are present in this water that comes from specific natural springs and include calcium, iron, magnesium, salts, sulfur compounds and more. In addition, the water is free of the chemicals and preservatives present in tap water and is fat free, has no calories, and helps you to stay hydrated. For extra taste, it may be effervescent or “sparkling” because of contained gases.


Mineral Water ingredient

 These waters were traditionally first used or consumed right at their source. Cities then developed “spas” where the water was bathed in and consumed, “baths” where the water was used for recreation and therapeutic reasons, and “wells” where the water could be obtained. Now it is the most common for the water to be bottled at the source and then distributed.

 You should choose water with the lowest sodium. Being calorie free, it can often be more successful at losing weight than watching your food intake, especially if you are a lover of sodas and juices, even diet ones.



 A good source of sulfates, it helps promote digestion because it stimulates the pancreas to release enzymes that help digest food properly.

 Minerals such as potassium and magnesium support heart function and lower levels of the LDL “bad” cholesterol.

 Water rich in magnesium also helps in the function of muscles as they relax and contract properly. Cramps and muscle aches are one of the signs of magnesium deficiency.



 Drinking increased fluids with magnesium and calcium helps decrease the concentration of calcium oxalate that causes kidney stones.

 A study found that hypertensive patients who consumed one liter daily of the bottled water rich in magnesium showed a decrease in their blood pressure level.

 Another study reported that calcium is crucial in maintaining a normal bone density in post-menopausal women and helps prevent bone related illnesses such as osteoporosis.

 This water can help relieve the aches and pains of rheumatism and arthritis by reducing the swelling and inflammation of the joints and muscles.

 Electrolytes are salts such as bicarbonate, potassium, chloride and sodium which help the cells absorb water and prevent dehydration.

 You can see above that drinking mineral water every day can aid you in enhancing your over-all health and well-being. Why not order a high quality mineral water online here.

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Natural Pigmentation Remedies: 5 Ingredients You Can Use At Home

pigmen tb

Everyone knows how important it is to put your best face forward. However, this is hard to do if you have abnormal pigmentation scars on your face. This article will give you five ways to get rid of facial pigmentation marks naturally. From items that can be found in your kitchen to a groundbreaking salon treatment, you have a few ways to get rid of those unruly pigmentation marks on your face.


1) Lemon and Lime

This home remedy works because of the bleach-like properties in the lemons and the moisture that comes from the honey. To make use of this natural remedy, slice a lemon or lime and squeeze out its juice. Mix the juice with a teaspoon or two of honey, then put the concoction on your face. Do not use this remedy if you have sensitive skin.


2) The Red Onion Remedy

The red onion remedy is a great method for reducing freckles, spots and other blemishes. Cut a red onion in half and rub it on the facial marks. You can also grate a red onion, squeeze its juice, and apply it on the affected areas. Leave the onion’s juice on your face for ten minutes, then wash off.


3) Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Aloe vera is an effective remedy for skin blemishes such as dark spots and pigmented skin. You can actually use aloe vera to slough off dead skin cells, which leaves your skin rejuvenated and glowing. Apply the gel from an aloe vera leaf 30 minutes before you go to bed. To enhance this remedy’s results, take one or two Vitamin E tablets every night.


4) Avocados

Not only can you put this fruit in salads and sandwiches, you can use it to significantly reduce facial pigmentation. Mash an avocado and apply it to the affected areas everyday for the best results.


5) Japanese Milk Facial

While home remedies can be very effective, the best results often come with professional attention. This type of milk facial sloughs away dead skin cells; significantly lightens the pigmentation of your face; rehydrates your skin; and both unclogs and shrinks the size of your pores.

Whether you decide to go to the grocery store or your local salon (see Shakura Malaysia), you have effective methods for reducing face pigmentation available to you. You can use one, several, or all of the regimens on this list. Obtaining radiant, blemish-free skin is a painstaking process that often involves a whole lot of trial and error.



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The Link Between IVF and Acupuncture for Fertility Treatments


Infertility can be massively stressful both emotionally and physically. Couples undergoing fertility treatments often find it highly difficult to cope with all that is involved in the process. Under those circumstances, many doctors recommend other treatments that can help reduce stress and make the process less difficult. One of the most recommended of such treatments is acupuncture.

Acupuncture for fertility has been long been shown to have impressive effects. Studies have shown that it can help women relax. Studies have also shown that using acupuncture can help increase fertility treatment success rates. Women who undergo acupuncture report feeling a decreased sense of anxiety as well as feeling better during fertility treatments. Many doctors recommend their patients use such ancient Chinese medical treatments as a complementary source of treatment during all attempts at assisted fertility cycles.

Fortunately, traditional Chinese medical treatments are widely available in many places. Most major cities have clinics that offer such treatments. Most have specially designed treatments that are created to assist fertility patients. For example, if you are undergoing any form of fertility treatments in Singapore, you may want to visit this TCM clinic in Singapore. This clinic works with patients who attempting to get pregnant. The clinic offers many traditional Chinese medical services that been proven to help infertile couples conceive a child.




Practitioners have been trained to understand how to help their patients. Many sessions begin with an exam that starts by examining the patient’s tongue and taking their pulse. After this time, the patient is directed to lie down. The acupuncturist will then determine the specific types of treatment that will best serve their patient’s needs. Treatments may include a series of acupuncture sessions. Treatments may also include additional help such as the use of herbs and other ancient medical practices.

Acupuncture for pregnancyWhen looking for a traditional Chinese medical specialist, it is a good idea to get references. Most specialists will have a list of satisfied clients they can provide for a potential patient. Many clinics are affiliated with traditional western clinics. They work closely with western doctors who offer a standard menu of fertility treatments such as artificial insemination and invitro-fertilization.

Many Chinese medicine specialists will vary the types of treatment they offer depending on the type of western treatment the person is using. With a simple course of treatment involving nothing more than some Clomid pills and ovulation monitoring, the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner may suggest only a few sessions of acupuncture. If the patient is undergoing more extensive treatment with multiple medications and multiple doctors’ office visits, the Chinese medical practitioner may suggest a more involved course of acupuncture with multiple sessions during the entire process.

In all cases, the patient will face stress. Acupuncture can help greatly relieve such stress. Studies demonstrate that patients undergoing IVF find the entire process difficult and unpleasant. They need every tool they can get to help them endure the process and conceive the child they want. Acupuncture sessions can help them meet these goals.


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How Is Laser Lipo Different Than Regular Lipo?

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that many people consider a much faster way to trim the fat from certain body areas. There are two ways this procedure can be performed. It is important to know that traditional liposuction and laser lipo have distinct differences. Understanding how they differ is essential when considering which method to choose for quick weight reduction.


Scope of the Procedure

Traditional lipo is a much more serious treatment choice that requires submitting to a surgical procedure with general anesthesia. Incisions are cut in the skin. A tube is inserted inside the body and fat is physically vacuumed out of the body.

Laser Lipo relies on sophisticated laser energy to melt fat cells away. This is a non-surgical method that uses intense cool laser light energy. This method is very precise and only targets specific areas where too much fat has accumulated.


The Difference Between Laser and Regular Liposuction-Dr. David Amron



Risks Involved

Undergoing any type of invasive surgical procedure is inherently risky. Traditional lipo comes with considerably higher health and safety risks as opposed to laser lipo. When undergoing traditional lipo a patient is put under general anesthesia. Patients need to be closely monitored for adverse reactions to anesthesia. This is not the case for laser lipo, which is usually performed with local anesthesia.

Whenever the body is opened up during a surgical procedure there is a greater risk of experiencing complications. Bacteria may be introduced into the lymphatic system. Nerves, tissues and muscles may be damaged. There may be excessive blood loss. Some patients have died while undergoing traditional liposuction surgery.

Laser lipo is considered a safer alternative to surgery. This procedure is done on an in-patient basis. It is generally quick and relatively painless. Patients come in for same day treatments. It is common to be able to continue on with a daily routine afterwards.


Side Effects

There is a big difference when it comes to potential side effects. After having traditional lipo, a person may experience mild to severe pain along with visible bruising and swelling. There are also stitches to cope with. If there is any infection or internal damage, symptoms could be life threatening.

Side effects with laser treatments are more cosmetic in nature. The most common are contour irregularities and sagging skin. Contour issues may cause skin to appear to have lumps. Alternately, skin may sag in certain spots. These issues can be corrected with additional treatment.


Treatment Effectiveness

Both traditional and laser liposuction are effective remedies for removing excess fat and slimming the body. The main difference is in how this goal is achieved. Traditional lipo comes with many more health risks. Laser lipo, on the other hand, has fewer risks while achieving good results.

Laser Lipo Shape by Prive Aesthetics is one of the latest techniques that help people achieve a slimmer figure. Or find out alternative solutions provided by London Weight Malaysia.



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Avoid These 3 Common Dangers With Botox

Deadliest Botox

Botox or Botulinum toxin is created from botulism causing bacteria (clostridium botulinum). In small doses, Botox is often used to cure muscle problems like lazy eye or uncontrollable blinking since it temporarily blocks nerves or weakens certain muscles in the body. Botox fillers are often used for fighting signs of ageing like wrinkles on the face and Botox injections can also be used to control underarm sweating. The effects of a session last for 4 months. Usually, the side effects of Botox are mild but in some cases, they can be dangerous and even, life threatening.

☢ Side Effects of Mild Nature – The mild side effects are bleeding, slight bruising, soreness, tenderness and stiffness of muscles. For Botox injected on the forehead, headaches are a common side effect. When Botox is injected near the eye region, itchy eyes, weary eyes, bruising on the eyelid, swelling and light sensitivity is often experienced. Some other side effects of a temporary nature are fever, cough, sore throat, anxiety, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. Usually, side effects such as the ones discussed are usually localized to the area where the injection has been administered and the areas around it.


Botox side effect - forehead swelling

Botox side effect – forehead swelling



☢ Allergic Reactions – People not only receive Botox injections for cosmetic reasons but sometimes, it could be because of medical purposes. However, it is common to display an allergic reaction towards Botox. Usually, the allergic responses include swelling, problems in breathing, tightness in the chest and excessive itching. Some people even break out into hives and have a severe allergic reaction to Botox. If any of the symptoms like itching or problems in breathing are experienced by a person, it is important to seek medical help immediately as it could be life threatening if not dealt with as soon as possible.



☢ Life Threatening Dangers – Even though the chances of this happening are slim, there are cases where the Botulinum toxin has spread beyond the site of injection and the side effects of this are deadly. Adverse reactions include vision problems, loss of control over the bladder, muscle weakness of extreme severity, crusting on the eyes and drainage from the eyes, seizures and acute pain in neck or arms. For injections administered in the neck, sometimes people experience problem in swallowing. Immediate emergency medical attention must be sought for any adverse reactions mentioned.


Deadliest Botox


It is also important to note that Botox can react with medications or antibiotics that a person is consuming or has consumed. In that case too, some adverse reactions could be witnessed. Any such drugs that are being taken must be revealed beforehand to the doctor administering the injection. As a general rule, pregnant women and women currently breastfeeding must not use Botox. Also, people who are suffering from some kind of infection or have inflammation should not use Botox either.

In order to avoid such dangers, only certified aesthetic clinics (see Prive Clinic) should be preferred since the process is tricky and requires a lot of care. Otherwise, the results could be not just uncomfortable but disastrous or even fatal.

What you should avoid when selecting hair care treatment? See the Yun Nam Hair Care Effectiveness.

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What Causes Cellulite and How to Get Rid of It

A majority of women will face living with cellulite at some point in their lives. Tiny lumps of fat poke out of the skin resembling cottage cheese. Cellulite commonly appears on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and legs. Cellulite can be a problem for both men and women, but affects female bodies more significantly.

What Causes Cellulite? There are several things that lead to the growth of excess fat in certain areas.


Poor Diet

Eating a lot of food with fat, calories and salt encourages extra fat to build up over time. However, simply being overweight is not a cause of this condition.



Some people are genetically wired to develop cellulite. Factors include other family members that have the condition, fat distribution within the body, skin thickness and speed of metabolism.



As the body ages, the metabolism and circulation slows down. Fat is burned off in lesser degrees. While aging is a known contributor, many young people develop cellulite as well.



Wearing tight clothing with elastic may lead to formation of cellulite.



Smoking reduces the amount of blood flowing through the body. Lack of exercise allows fat cells to multiply. Standing or sitting for long periods of time. All of these factors lead to cellulite.


Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

There are several treatments for cellulite. It is important to keep in mind that cellulite is nearly impossible to completely eliminate. Treatment remedies, like the ones done in Singapore, can be an effective way to reduce the appearance of this extra fat. How successful any individual treatment method is depends on many factors. You can find out more about cellulite treatments in Singapore and other places with online research.



Many cellulite creams are advertised as being an easy way to diminish cellulite at home. Typically, these creams contain active ingredients such as collagen, caffeine, aloe vera, retinol-A, shea butter and other ingredients. They are supposed to be applied to affected areas of the skin up to three times a day over a period of four or more weeks. The creams supposedly work by breaking down fat as they build up new collagen to create tighter skin. Also see The Truth About Cellulite Creams And Why They Don’t Work


Mud Wraps

Some beauty spas offer body wrap treatments. This involves applying a layer of organic mud over the skin. This mud pulls out body toxins, absorbs water and reduces the appearance of fat. A massage may be included. The effects are very temporary.



Entermologie treatment involves massaging body areas with a non-invasive endermologie machine. This provides a deep massage that breaks down fat and stimulates blood circulation. It is an alternative to liposuction.


Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency or RF is a more sophisticated treatment that targets surface and deeper fat under the skin. These machines apply a level of heat to fat cells, which makes them easier to break down. New collagen is stimulated and tighter, youthful looking skin replaces that rippled appearance.

Several treatments are needed to obtain the best results. Consult with a trained expert in this technique.

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Why Thai Massage is Popular with Athletes

Thai Massage

Athletes are always looking for ways to have their body in peak condition. They need their body to perform in critical moments. This means not being able to afford an off day. Injuries need to heal quickly. If you are an athlete, you want to always push yourself. There have been treatments over the years that have helped athletes and their health. One of the most popular is the Thai massage.

Athletes are beginning to go through Thai massage sessions both before and after physical activity. The reasons are due to the benefits they provide to the entire body.


Muscles can truly benefit from this type of massage. The Thai massage relies on a lot of various stretching movements. These movements can relieve aches and strains that you have in your muscles. These aches are the result of your muscle ligaments tightening up. If you have sore muscles, stretching them out with the motions that go along with a Thai massage can help.


Muscle pain is not always tied to an actual injury. What feels like a torn hamstring may just be a tweak in a certain area of the muscle. A Thai massage can target these action points on the muscles. The massages will work the muscle tissues deeply. This allows them to be worked in a more in-depth manner than standard stretching. This can greatly assist healing and speed up muscle recovery time.


A Thai massage can also help prevent injuries in athletes.

Flexibility is something that is gained from this type of massage. The flexibility that is gained can help the muscles fight off injuries down the line. If your muscles and your body in general are more flexible, you will be able to withstand instances where you are in these circumstances. If you are playing football and get rolled up on your leg, your flexibility can help your leg avoid injury.


Athletes constantly want to push themselves to new limits. This means lifting more weight in the gym, running faster, and improving every day. If you want to be a premier athlete, you need to train your muscles to constantly push forward. Athletes seek out the Thai massage to recover from injury, as well as to prepare for their physical activity. The massage encompasses incredible stretching which, as described above, will train your muscles in a positive way.

Understanding why the Thai massage is popular with athletes is simple; it helps them perform at a peak level consistently. The Thai massage is being offered all around the world. No matter where you live, you can find the best Thai massage in Singapore (See Healing-Touch Singapore), London, New York or other major city. Do your research and read the reviews here to find the best location available. The Thai massage is helping athletes strive for greatness, and it can help you too.



Thai Asian Body Massage Therapy How to, Legs & Lower Body Techniques, Jen Hilman

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